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【答案】 《2012》英文影评:
  The world is ending in a matter of hours,yet justice and humanity don’t penetrate through the brain-shells of politicians.In order to save their own lives,the government officials keep the secret from the rest of human kind and also lets the man whose knowledge saves their lives die.This is the premise of 2012.
  But if the viewer is a Tibetan or someone who is aware of the Tibetan culture and the sensitivities of Tibetan issue,one could feel that the justice and humanity are not occurred in the director’s thought either.
  And in real life ethically speaking,Mr.Emmerich failed to hire Tibetan actors who can speak their own language.All the actors who play Tibetan characters are Chinese very poorly pretending to be Tibetans.Their Tibetan is hundred times worse than Zhang Yi’s memorized English or Leonardo DiCaprio’s Swahili (well I can imagine!).
  First Blood arrived in theaters in October 1982,some seven and one-half years after the end of the Vietnam War.Veterans’ rights were still a significant issue,although their prominence was waning.With its message about how returning soldiers had been marginalized by a divided country in desperate need of healing,First Blood sought to bring more to the table than the story of an unhinged survivalist lashing out at a bunch of close-minded bigots.Based on David Morrell’s novel,the screenplay by Michael Kozoll,William Sackheim,and Stallone sought to mix politics with action.As established by the movie,Rambo wasn’t merely the target of a group of small-minded local law enforcement officials,but the pawn of a system that created him then set him adrift and,in a larger sense,of a society that had no use for him beyond the soulless business of warfare.In First Blood,Rambo is a victim.




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